Who we are

We're changing the way subprime lending works.

Sound Financial is a company that believes that people in need of honest financial help deserve just that. So, we've effectively raised the bar by creating an online platform designed for our customers' financial success — where they can get the funds they need and the honest insights to make healthy financial decisions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower our users with actionable insights that inspire better financial decisions. It is our hope that the way we do business will effectively change the perception of subprime lending for the better.

Our Values

The heart and soul of everything we do here at Sound Financial revolves around four guiding principles:


Avoiding confusing experiences and unnecessary hassle means better outcomes for our customers. Sound Financial provides an easy application process that prioritizes speed and convenience.

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Sound Financial exposes every part of the loan process — the good and the bad. With full transparency, our borrowers can make informed choices without worrying about hidden fees or penalties.

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Sound Financial makes borrowing a clear path. We take the details that matter and break them down into relevant, bite-sized pieces of information so that our customers can pick the right product, understand its features, and manage it with confidence.

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Insight is a decision-making tool. Sound Financial empowers individuals with the knowledge to determine their own financial future, free of pressure and judgement.

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