Brenna Major

Expertise: Insurance, Investing, Crypto, Retirement, Debt-relief, Entrepreneurship
Title: Personal Finance Writer
Education: Liberty University
Location: Virginia


Brenna is a personal finance guru who loves all things finance. She specializes in investing, debt-relief, retirement, insurance, and entrepreneurship. Her love for writing started when she ran an office for 3 financial advisors, and she began to run their blog and email communications. This meshing of the personal finance world and the writing world was an instant success for Brenna. After working for these financial advisors, Brenna began to venture out on her own and write for several personal finance websites specializing in debt-relief and personal financial health.


With a degree from Liberty University in Business Administration, Brenna has the background she needs to understand starting a business from an entrepreneurial viewpoint. Her knowledge of corporate finance, accounting and project management helps her understand and teach financial concepts in an easy to understand way. Brenna focused on project management in college, so she tends to view personal finance as the piece of a bigger puzzle of financial health and wellness as a whole.