Dwayne Dumesle

Expertise: Bad Credit, Personal Loans, Subprime Loans, Personal Finance
Title: Editor
Education: Florida Atlantic University
Location: Lake Ozark, Missouri


Dwayne has worked in various capacities during his six years in the subprime-loan industry. He has industry experience as a writer, marketer, and developer for several clients including his own private startup that he sold in 2021. Before working in the subprime-loan industry, Dwayne worked in retail banking for five years where he managed tellers and assisted banking clients with their personal finances. Dwayne is an avid proponent of impartiality – he believes all decisions should be based on objectivity and truth.


Dwayne graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Florida Atlantic University. While at F.A.U., Dwayne excelled in subjects that required critical thinking such as Discrete Mathematics and Integral Calculus. He would go on to use his skills and creativity to help his team win the Senior Design Showcase for Engineering Students.