Samuel Fisher

Expertise: Personal Finance
Title: Personal Finance Writer
Education: Colorado State University
Location: Littleton, Colorado


Samuel Fisher is a professional writer who has spent seven years in finance. His work has gathered attention from major publications, businesses, and entrepreneurs around the globe. He envisions a more inclusive financial world on a more level playing field.

Samuel has lived on five different continents and over 30 countries. His world experience, balanced with a holistic and common-sense approach to finance, can help improve your financial status, start taking advantage of missed opportunities, and help secure the financial freedom we all deserve.


Possessing a natural entrepreneurial spirit, Samuel Fisher started his business journey during his childhood. By 18, he had a mobile DJ business with a regular stream of events and a stable income. He used this income to help finance his way through Colorado State University and receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

After graduating from Colorado State University, Samuel worked briefly as a history teacher at a charter school in Colorado before deciding to continue pursuing his passion as an entrepreneur. Today, he helps people manage their finances and secure much-needed loans.