Steven Hill

Expertise: Financial Analysis, Personal Finance, Alternative Investment Strategies
Title: Editor
Education: North Central College, University of Illinois
Location: Tampa Bay, Florida


Steve started his professional journey as a Research Assistant for a reputable middle-market private equity firm. In this role, Steve gained valuable experience in conducting market research, analyzing financial data, and identifying potential investment opportunities. Following his tenure with the private equity firm, Steve moved on to a financial writing position with a small-cap-focused online publication that specialized in biotech innovation and digital payment solutions.

As a financial writer, Steve's responsibilities included producing high-quality content aimed at informing and engaging readers about investment opportunities in these sectors. Steve worked closely with clients to craft compelling investment proposals, as well as to create thought-provoking articles that highlighted their unique value propositions. Working in the fast-paced world of finance, Steve learned how to juggle multiple priorities and meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. Through his experiences, Steve developed a strong understanding of the intricacies of the finance industry and gained insight into how to best communicate complex financial concepts to diverse audiences.


After earning his Communication degree from North Central College, Steve decided to pursue a graduate degree in English with a focus on American Literature from the University of Illinois.

During his graduate studies, Steve acquired advanced critical thinking and analytical skills, which he leveraged in various business-related contexts, such as analyzing business documents, developing marketing strategies, and crafting engaging content for various companies including General Mills and 3M. Additionally, his degree in English has enabled him to approach business challenges from unique perspectives and communicate ideas effectively to diverse audiences. Overall, Steve's academic background in communication and English has prepared him to be an effective communicator in the business world, helping organizations to achieve their goals through clear, concise, and compelling communication.