Can I get a title loan without the car?

Quick Answer Yes and no. Most title loan lenders require an in-person vehicle inspection to be approved for a title loan — this means you must physically have your car. Though, some lenders will accept photos of your car in place of a physical inspection, so not having your car may not be a problem.

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Tobi Opeyemi Amure Answer updated on Jun 26, 2023

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Yes, in rare cases, you can get a title loan without physically presenting your car.

The reason that it can sometime be challenging is that the majority of lenders will send an agent to your house to inspect the car in-person. So, not having your car — as I'm sure you can imagine — would be a huge red flag. 🚩

However, there are some lenders who only require detailed photographs instead of a physical inspection. Here’s how it works.

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Traditionally, title loans are only approved after an in-person inspection has been carried out on your vehicle. This lets the lender fully determine your car’s condition and know how much you can get for it.

However, not all lenders follow this process to the letter. Some lenders offer title loans completely online. What they do is allow you to upload comprehensive photographs of the vehicle — saving both you and them the stress of a physical inspection.

In this case, you’ll typically need to upload clear photographs of your car from different angles, the interior, and the odometer (to verify mileage). Some may also require that you also provide photos of the engine.

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This method offers more convenience, especially if you can’t physically produce the car for inspection, and it is becoming more commonplace in this day and (digital) age. However, keep in mind that many lenders still prefer the assurance of a physical inspection to accurately assess the car’s condition and value.

Getting a title loan without the car can be difficult, but it's not impossible. You’ll just need to do some extra digging to find lenders that offer remote evaluation options. And if you can't find a lender, try applying for an installment loan online — you won't need your car at all!

Best of luck on your search! 🍀🤗

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