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Choosing the best 2,000 dollar loan

It's never easy dealing with a $2,000 expense, especially when you have bad credit. In this article, we'll compare the 3 best bad-credit options for a $2,000 loan: installment loan, line of credit, and title loan.

Features $2,000 Installment Loan $2,000 Line of Credit $2,000 Title Loan
Interest rate 175% 300% 300%
Credit check Yes Yes No
Bad credit accepted Yes Yes Yes
Unemployed accepted Yes No Yes
Instant approval Yes Yes No
Same-day funding Yes Yes Yes
Completely online Yes Yes No
Need collateral No No Yes

Best for low interest rates

#1. Installment loans

The average interest rate on an installment loan is 175%, which would cost you $1,135.36 in finance charges on a $2,000 loan paid back in 6 months.

Installment loans get the gold medal for having the lowest average APR.

This flexible loan type has the lowest average interest rate of any lending option.

Better yet, installment loan interest rates are fixed, which means you’ll pay the same amount of money each month.

#2. Line of credit

The average interest rate on a line of credit is 300%, which would cost you $2,065.84 in finance charges on a $2,000 loan paid back in 6 months.

While the interest rate on a line of credit is usually higher than installment loan rates, it is significantly lower than the rates available with a title loan.

Furthermore, a line of credit is revolving credit, meaning that the amount you can borrow renews after you pay off your debt.

Best for no credit checks

#1. Title loans

Title loans are an excellent option if you want a $2,000 loan with no credit check.

Lenders don’t run credit checks for title loans because as a secured loan, they use the title of your car as collateral.

Instead, you’ll need to have a free and clear title and pass a vehicle inspection to qualify for a loan.

#2. Installment loans

If you aren't comfortable with a credit check, installment loans are still a good option.

Though installment loan lenders will check your credit, they're only concerned about negative records like a bankruptcy.

If your actual credit score isn't outstanding, you still have a good chance of being approved for a loan.

Best for bad credit

#1. Installment loans

Installment loan lenders consider variables other than your credit score when making lending decisions, making them a good option for bad credit.

During the loan determination process, your bank data, capacity to repay, and other financial information are taken into account.

Even if your credit score needs some work, you can still potentially qualify for a $2,000 personal loan with bad credit.

#2. Line of credit

The runner-up option for individuals with poor credit is a line of credit.

Lines of credit are just a better product overall compared to title loans, which require vehicle inspections and balloon payments.

Repaying a $2,000 loan will generally be more manageable with a line of credit.

Best for the unemployed

#1. Installment loans

Installment loans are the best option for unemployed borrowers because many lenders count recurring benefit payments as income.

If you receive Social Security or disability payments, an installment loan can be an attractive option in times of financial distress.

Better yet, this type of loan offers excellent interest rates and flexible monthly installments — score!

#2. Title loans

Like installment loan lenders, title loan lenders accept unemployment or benefit checks as income.

However, you must have a functioning car to qualify for a title loan since the title document will be used as collateral to gain loan approval.

Your vehicle must be in good condition to pass the title loan lender's inspection.

Best for instant approvals

#1. Installment loans

When it comes to approval times for a $2,000 loan, installment loans easily beat the competition.

Because practically everything can be done online, the timeframe for a lender to decide if you qualify for a loan is relatively short.

This loan type consistently provides speedy approvals and repayment details that can be tailored to your specific needs — talk about top-tier!

#2. Line of credit

A line of credit is the clear runner-up for this category.

While you should expect a longer loan decision time than with an installment loan, it definitely beats title loans, where you would be asked to make a store-visit and undergo a vehicle inspection.

Best for same-day funding

#1. Installment loans

Installment loans are your #1 option for same-day funding.

Thanks to an easy online application process, you can have cash in hand in as little as 2 hours.

There’s also the added benefit that you’ll also score competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms that better fit your budget.

#2. Line of credit

A line of credit is your second choice for getting a $2,000 loan same-day.

You’ll experience many of the same benefits as an installment loan (such as an online application), but lines of credit generally have higher interest rates.

This will result in a higher monthly repayment amount than if you qualified for an installment loan.

Best for a completely online experience

#1 Installment loans

Installment loans are hands down the best way to get the cash you need completely online.

Everything from your application and approval to communication between you and the lender can be managed from your smartphone, allowing you to enjoy all the comforts of the digital age!

#2. Line of credit

Your silver medalist for 100% online funding is a line of credit.

Similar to installment loans, you won’t have to drive to a store to complete your application or receive funding.

Most lenders have excellent websites that will make it easy to navigate the funding process from start to finish.

Best for no collateral

#1. Installment loans

When you need a $2,000 loan quickly and you don’t want to offer up any collateral, an installment loan is your ideal selection.

Installment loan lenders will never ask for collateral.

You will need to consent to a credit check as part of the approval process, but lenders generally only look for major issues like a bankruptcy.

#2. Line of credit

A line of credit doesn’t require a car title or any form of collateral as part of the loan decision — so you don’t have to worry about a $2,000 loan keeping you from holding onto your precious collateral!

Instead, you will have a similar approval process as you would with an installment loan. This option places second because it has higher interest rates.

Frequently asked questions

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I need a $2000 loan urgently, how fast will I receive my funds?

Most $2,000 loans available through our platform are funded within 24 hours of application approval and verification. If the day you are due to receive your funds (or the day your loan application was accepted) falls on a holiday, allow an extra business day for processing.

Will I receive my 2000 dollar loan today if I apply now?

All three of the $2,000 loan products we feature (i.e., installment loans, line of credit, and title loans) offer same day funding if your application approval and verification happen before your lender’s loan processing cutoff time.

Is a $2000 line of credit the same as a $2000 personal loan?

No, a $2,000 line of credit is not the same as a $2,000 personal loan.

With a line of credit, a borrower is approved for a maximum loan amount and they can draw from that loan amount as needed (up to their credit limit). With this type of loan, a borrower only pays interest on the amount they have drawn from their loan and they are able to repay those funds at any time without penalty.

On the other hand, a personal loan is a loan for a set amount wherein which the borrower receives the funds in the form of a lump sum, and they repay that loan in fixed monthly payments over a set period. The interest rate for a personal loan is usually fixed and the loan must be repaid in full by the end of the loan term.

In short, a line of credit will offer you more flexibility in terms of how much you can borrow and your repayment schedule, while a personal loan will provide you with a fixed amount of funds and a fixed repayment schedule.

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