How long does it take to get a title loan?

Quick Answer Typically, you can get a title loan within an hour or less. The process involves filling out an application, providing the required documents, and having your vehicle inspected. Once approved, you'll receive your funds, usually via a check or direct deposit, within a few hours.

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Tobi Opeyemi Amure Answer updated on Jun 26, 2023

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A title loan usually takes between 30 minutes to one hour. The actual time will depend on how fast the loan company can verify your car's details and worth. Here’s how it works.

In the lending universe, title loans are notorious for their speed. Here's why: You're providing collateral right off the bat (which happens to be your car's lien-free title, of course).

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The title lender's job is just to verify your vehicle's worth, vet your documents, and confirm that you have a valid income source.

So, no time-consuming credit checks and fewer hoops to jump through than conventional loans. Awesome, right? 🎉

The inspection is the most time-consuming part of the process. A lender will be holding up a magnifying glass to things like the mileage and the overall condition of the car. This might be a good time to get that baby washed!

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Once the value is determined and your loan is approved, the payout method comes into play. Direct deposit will be the quickest method. 🚀 You can usually have your money in a few hours, while a check could take longer. Snail mail, am I right?

When going for a fast title loan, remember, preparation is key for getting things smoothly and quickly. If you want to speed things up (who doesn’t?), ensure your vehicle is in good condition — interiors, odometer, and exterior. Also, check the lender's requirements and ensure you have all your documents ready before applying.

Bing, bang, boom.

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