Can I get a payday loan with no credit?

Quick Answer Yes, you can get a payday loan with no credit or even with bad credit. Payday lenders typically don't perform traditional credit checks, so your credit history may not be a barrier. However, they may require proof of income or employment to assess your ability to repay the loan.

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Brenna Major Answer updated on Aug 2, 2023

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Yes, you can get a payday loan with no credit.

Payday loans don’t typically require any credit checks, but the lender will want to see verification that you do have some form of income. You’ll most likely have to hand over a pay stub to the lender to prove that your paycheck is coming.

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Why do some lenders check your credit score in the first place? A credit score gives your lender a good idea about your ability to pay off any new debt. It's like a finger in the wind to see if you are good for the money or not. ☝️

Payday loans have become a popular way to get a quick cash if you need to just make it to payday. One quality that contributes to their accessibility is the fact that they don’t typically require any type of credit check.

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Now, for those of you no-credit folks, payday loans might seem like the a tempting option if you're in a bind, but be careful to know the drawbacks of these “quick fix” loans.

  • Most payday loans come with a high APR (annual percentage rate)
  • There are often hefty fees if you don’t pay back your loan by payday
  • Payday lenders don’t consider your ability to pay off the debt[1]

You’ll have to decide if this type of loan is right for your situation, but we’d caution that you only obtain one of these if you’re entirely sure you can pay it off within the agreed upon timeframe.

  1. What Is a Payday Loan? How It Works, How to Get One, and Legality ↩︎

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