Can I get a payday loan without direct deposit?

Quick Answer Yes, it's possible to get a payday loan without direct deposit. Some lenders offer alternative disbursement methods like money orders or cash from a third-party service provider like MoneyGram. Be sure to check with your lender for their available options and requirements.

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Brenna Major Answer updated on Aug 2, 2023

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Yes, you can get a payday loan even if you don’t have a bank account available for direct deposit.

If you decided to get your payday loan in person, you may be able to skip providing a bank account.

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The lender might disperse your loan in the form of cash, a check, a prepaid debit card, or even a money order. It would be wise to call ahead and see what options they offer.

Let's be clear, it will be harder to secure a payday loan without direct deposit if you’re using an online lender or an app. If you’re in this situation you might have to find a local payday lender in person to get your payday loan in cash. 💵

If you don’t have direct deposit set up, and you need a payday loan, here’s some of the information you might be required to hand over:

  • Proof of your income (like a paystub or letter from your employer)
  • Proof of identification (like a Driver’s License or Student ID)

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Whatever life circumstances that have led you to look into this type of loan, we’d caution you to only get one if you’re confident that you can pay the lender back by the agreed-upon time.

Payday loans are known for trapping borrowers in a cycle of debt because of their high fees and interest rates. 😬 Consider other options before you arrive at the decision to secure a payday loan.

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